I’m Rebecca Greatrex, a long-standing member of TechCommNZ, the Technical Communicators Association of New Zealand. I’m committed to doing a good job for my clients and take pride in delivering quality documents. My practical ‘can-do’ attitude means that I’ll get on with your job and make it happen.

I have a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science and a GDipSci in Geology.

I spent about 13 years in the international IT industry in Europe, initially as a Technical Writer. I wrote for an international audience then organised and managed the translation process for up to 15 countries at a time. I also helped with recruitment and trained new writers.

I expanded my business experience, spending over four years as an international Product Manager. I worked with development teams in the USA, helping them to create products that could be localised for the European market. I then managed the complex localisation and manufacturing process, coordinating multiple teams spread across the USA, Ireland, and Europe. This was a complex role that required excellent project management, troubleshooting, and organisation skills.

After moving to New Zealand I began work as a Technical Writer in 2001, contracting to a very wide range of companies and other organisations. This experience and knowledge enabled me to expand my role as a Bid Writer. Since 2010 I’ve worked with numerous companies as well as major consortia, helping them to create persuasive response documents. These are often delivered under high pressure within tight time frames.

I’m familiar with MS-Word, Adobe PDF, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, RoboHelp, AuthorIT, and Sharepoint. I can work independently or as part of your team.

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